Application Qualification Procedures & Guidelines

APPLICATION QUALIFICATION PROCEDURES & GUIDELINES:  PB Services, Inc. would like to thank you for contacting our office. It is our goal to review your application within 48 hours. This is dependent upon our ability to obtain and verify the information on your application. Your cooperation in providing all necessary information is critical in this process.  APPLICATION PROCESS:  Required prior to scheduling a property showing: 1) Application, completed in its entirety and signed.  2) Proof of Income – Two (2) most recent paystubs, offer letter for new job, determination of benefits letter [unemployment is not accepted as income].  3) Photo ID – Driver’s License, State ID. Passport, etc.  4) Social Security Card.  We will not show any property without a Completed and Signed Application, Proof of Income, Photo ID and Social Security Card.  Required prior to processing the application: 5) Application fee of $25.00 per adult. Cash Only, non-refundable.  6) Security Deposit, equal to one month’s rent. Cash, money order, credit card, debit card or certified funds. NO personal checks will be accepted for Security Deposits.  GENERAL REQUIREMENTS:  1. All applicants over the age of 18 must complete an application and provide the required documants.  INCOME REQUIREMENTS:  1. Monthly rent amount may not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. For example, if your rent would be $600.00 per month, you must make at least $2,000.00 per month.  HOUSING HISTORY 1. Applicant must provide prior housing history in the form of a mortgage history or landlord rental history. 2. If applicant has no prior housing history a full month's rent, security deposit as well as last month's rent will be required. CREDIT HISTORY:  1. Any applicant who has been evicted or received a judgement against them on a current credit report or landlord reference will be denied unless that debt is paid in full. 2. Any applicant with 3 or more open accounts in collections will be required to pay an extra security deposit or show proof of accounts paid. 3. Any applicant who may have filed for bankruptcy must show proof of discharge at least one year prior to applying. 4. If applicant has no prior credit history, the rental application might not be approved or they may be required to pay an extra security deposit.  GUARANTOR REQUIREMENTS:  1. Guarantor must complete the application and provide all the necessary documentation. 2. Guarantor MUST own their home.  OCCUPANCY STANDARDS:  One bedroom unit = maximum 2 occupants Two bedroom unit = maximum 4 occupants Three bedroom unit = maximum 6 occupants.  RENTER'S INSURANCE:  It is required that new tenants obtain renter’s insurance within thirty (30) days of the move in. The landlord is not responsible for damages to personal property. Renter's insurance covers the resident's personal property to its full insurable value against fire and other hazards under a customary policy.